Running hidentd with ucspi-tcp and daemontools

Ucspi-tcp/daemontools is a recommended way of running hidentd. To create a daemontools service for hidentd:

  1. Create user hidentd belonging to group hidentd. Create user hidlog belonging to group hidlog.
  2. Create /etc/hidentd and /etc/hidentd/log
  3. Put this into /etc/hidentd/run:
    HIUID=`id -u hidentd`
    HIGID=`id -g hidentd`
    exec /usr/local/bin/tcpserver -R -H -l 0 -u $HIUID -g $HIGID 0 auth /usr/local/sbin/hidentd -s 2>&1
    On FreeBSD, hidentd has to be run as root:
    exec /usr/local/bin/tcpserver -R -H -l 0 0 auth /usr/local/sbin/hidentd -s 2>&1
  4. Create /var/log/hidentd, owned by hidlog.hidlog
  5. Put this into /etc/hidentd/log/run:
    exec setuidgid hidlog multilog t /var/log/hidentd
  6. Link /etc/hidentd to /service.

After 5 seconds hidentd should be up and running.

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